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Webinar: Management of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), start date: every 1-st of the month Webinar: Management of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), start date: every 1-st of the month

Webinar: Management of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Start date: Each 1-st in the month
Duration: 1 month/ 2 times per week x 3 hours (total 24 hours)
Price: 80 EUR

The webinar is intended for young people with or without work experience, interested in civil society, management work of NGOs in Macedonia, or abroad.

The webinar is conducted by experienced civil society professionals and activists, and represents a dynamic combination of theoretic and practical work

The webinar includes:

   - Introduction to civil society and the work of NGOs, international, regional and local experiences, the importance of civil society and its
     expansion in recent decades, the strength and scope, as well as the functioning of civil society;
   - History of civil society, registration and normative framework which defines the scope of work of civil society sector, the importance of
     the NGO sector for democratic development, the relations between the NGO and the public sector, private sector, media and citizens,
     financing of the NGO sector;
   - Introduction to key concepts and terms of relevance for management of non-governmental organizations, such as: projects, donors,
     fund-raising, volunteering, corporate responsibility, international cooperation, social activism, etc,;
   - The basics of donor relations, introduction to project management, introduction to examples of successful NGOs
   - Project management, securing financial support for projects, management of processes of international support, management of
     regional and international projects, introduction to EU funds and their importance for the development of civil society, etc.


The price per individual participant is: 80 EUR to be paid by credit card on (or via bank transfer). Each participant receives a certificate upon the successful completion of the course.

To register for the webinar please contact:

or call + 389 2 529 70 29

Important note: It is required that participants have good command of English language and computer skills.